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Bhutta College Of Education


Bhutta College of Education is a temple of teacher education in the heart of Punjab. We strive to build up creative, imaginative & innovative teachers and our efforts are to provide this leadership in a highly proffesional manner. As Mahatma Gandhi said-“You must be the change you wish to see in the world!” We feel that the secret of success is to be ready for that opporunity when it comes. As the old Chinese saying goes-it is better to light one candle than curse the darkness! We ensure that our resources are not only adequate but the best in the field of education-from our school plant to its equipment,a well stocked library, adequate grounds, facilities, transport, a conducive & disciplined environment, and above all highly qualified team of teachers to train & guide you through the year to produce what we think shall be teachers empowered with the lastest skills & knowledge to meet present & future global challenges in human resources.

We strive to create a complete package in the form of not just a teacher, but a leader who can & will lead his/her students to the cutting edge of global competitiveness.


  • Negligible drop out rate.
  • Progression to higher education is forty percent while that to employment is twenty percent.
  • Pass percentage is 100.
  • Special attention is given to low achievers while for advance learner’s special assignments are given and brain storming sessions are organized for them also.
  • Efforts are taken for guidance and counseling as well as placements efforts are in vogue.
  • Alumni Association was formed in 2007-08
  • A Student Council is functioning
  • An Annual magazine is published.
  • Students are encouraged for participation in extra curricular activities in which they have own many awards.
  • Book-Bank facility, Fee concessions. Various committees formed to solve the problems of the students.
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National Conference Exhibition


Syllabus of academic session 2018-20


We welcome you to the temple of teacher education here at Bhutta college of education has a glorious history of over 15 years. In this short-span of time, the college has scaled new heights in academics, sports and cultural activities. Carefully nurtured by illustrious administrators, the college has carved a perfect niche for itself on the academic map of India and is a true Mecca for students from rural and urban areas. This college is known for excellent infrastructure in terms of buildings, state of the art labs for research and teaching. A crystal clear and transparent admission process attracts meritorious students to this college. A regular upgradation of the syllabi is the hallmark giving a sense of pride and satisfaction. The college is fortunate to have eminent professors & lecturers who have brought innovations to elevate the academic and research standards to the highest peaks in the educational scenario.



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