Committee Incharge
Admission Committee Ms. Chetna Bharti
Time Table Committee Ms. Neha Singla & Ms. Satvir Kaur
Finance Committee/Purchase Commitee Ms. Payal Beri
Examination Committee Ms. Kamalpreet Kaur
Discipline committee Ms. Monika Sharma, & Ms. Payal Beri
Skill in Teaching Committee Ms. Payal Beri, Ms. Kamalpreet Kaur &
Finance and purchase committee Ms. Chetna and ms. meenakshi
Internal Assessment Committee Ms. Payal Beri & Ms. Satvir Kaur
Library Committee Ms. Monika Sharma,Ms. Chetna Bharti & Ms. Sundeep Dhillon
Extension and Linkage Committee Ms. Monika Sharma, Ms. Mandeep Bhullar, Ms. Chetna Bharti &
Review Committee Ms. Monika Sharma & Ms. Satvir Kaur
Grievance Redressal Committee Ms. Chetna Bharti
Anti -ragging Committee Ms. Chetna Bharti
Placement Cell Ms.Payal Beri
IQAC Ms. Monika Sharma
Guidance & Councelling Cell Ms. Monika Sharma
Women cell Ms. Navdeep Gill
Cultural Committe Ms. Navdeep Kaur, Ms. Kamalpreet Kaur
Record Keeping Ms. Stephy Khurana & Ms. Satvir Kaur
Tours & Trips Committe Ms. Monika Sharma
Refreshment Committe Ms. Neha Singla & Ms. Satvir Kaur
Research Committe Ms. Mandeep Bhullar, Ms. Chetna Bharti & Ms. Satvir Kaur
Houses Incharge Ms. Kamalpreet Kaur(Gandhi House), Ms. Satvir Kaur(Tagore House) & Mr. Iqbal SIngh(Vivekanand House)
Clubs & Council
A) Digital Club Ms. Payal Beri
B) Literacy Circle Mr. Lakhvir Singh & Ms. Neha Singla
C) Fine Arts Lab Ms. Chetna Bharti
D) Social Science Club Ms. Satvir Kaur
E) Eco Club Ms. Stephy
F) Sports Club Mr. Lakhvir Singh & Mr. Iqbal Singh
Website Maintenance & Development Ms. Neha & Ms. Stephy Khurana
Notice Boards Ms. Stephy, Ms. Satvir & Mr. Iqbal Singh
Floor Incharges Mr Iqbal & Mr. Lakhvir(Ground Floor), Ms. Navdeep & Ms. Stephy(First Floor), Ms. Kamalpreet & Ms. Satvir(Second Floor)
Press Noting Committee Ms. Stephy, Mr. Iqbal & Ms. Neha
Alumni Association Ms. Payal, Mr. Lakhvir & Mr. Iqbal
Facebook Update Ms. Stephy & Mr. Lakhvir


The Advisory Committee of the college consists of 5 members which include one member of the Management, Principal of the college and three faculty members. The committee defines the goals and objectives of the institution and evolves the work plan to attain the said objectives. The committee also monitors all important academic and administrative tasks of the college by collecting feedback from the teacher educators, teacher trainees, alumni etc. The following is the list of members of the advisory committee:

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 S. Jagdish Singh Garcha Secretary
2 Dr. Mandeeo Bhullar Principal
3 director
4 Member
5 Ms. Sundeep Dhillon Member


The College has an Internal Quality Assurance Cell to ensure effective functioning of the college in both the fields i.e. curricular and co-curricular. It was established on 4 th April, 2010. The cell consists of 14 members including management, principal, faculty, student representatives, alumni, external experts and stake holders. The following is the list of members of IQAC:

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Member governing council
2 director
3 Dr. Mandeep Bhullar Principal
4 Coordinator
5 Vice - principal
6 Ms. Sundeep Dhillon Member (Faculty)
7 Mr. Parminder Singh Member (Student Rep.)
8 Mr. Lakhvir Kaur Member (Student Rep.)
9 Ms. Payal Beri Member(Alumni Rep.)
10 Mr. Manjeet Singh Member(Alumni Rep.)
11 Mr. Surinder singh Member (Stakeholders)
12 Mr Lachhman Singh Member (Stakeholders)
13 Piara Singh Member (Stakeholders)


The finance committee consists one member of the Management, Principal and two faculty members, who plan the budget for the session and also discuss the expenditure to be incurred on various curricular and co-curricular activities during the session. The committee also takes important decisions pertaining to the purchase of various equipments and other items from time to time. The committee also maintains the record of the expenditure on various aspects of institution. The committee has following members:

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 S. Jagdish Singh Garcha Secretary
2 Dr.Mandeep Bhullar Principal
3 Ms. chetna Faculty member
4 Ms. Meenakshi Faculty Member
5 Ms. Mandeep Bhullar Bursar

List of Committees

Sr. No. Name of Committee Function
1 Admission Committee The committee maintains admission record for the new session, verifies and checks the documents of the newly admitted students, allots them sections and addresses their initial queries.
2 Time Table Committee Maintains time table for the whole session, class-wise and teacher-wise. Maintains adjustment register for the smooth functioning of time table and assigns periods to the teacher accordingly.
3 Finance Committee/Purchase Committee Plans the estimated expenditure to be incurred on various curricular and co-curricular activities, put forward in meetings with management to seek the approval. The committee (office) also maintains the record of expenditure on various aspects of institution.
4 Examination Committee Examination committee holds meetings before and after every house test to plan date sheets, format of question papers, allocation of duties, maintaining answer sheet record of the students of both practical and theory papers.
5 Internal Assessment Committee Maintains the record of internal assessment of each and every subject and also send this record to University for the addition of internal marks in the DMC of students.
6 Cultural Committee/Co-curricular activities Committee Organizes various functions, important day celebrations, annual day celebration, Youth festival etc. and maintain records in the form of photographs, news and activity register.
7 Tours and Trips Committee Organizes various educational tours and trips for the overall development of the students.
8 Advisory Committee Defines goals and objectives of institution and evolves work plan to attain the said objectives and provides clarity to each element of the institution about his/her responsibilities and continuously monitors the work in progress (both academic and administrative) in the institution by collecting feedback from the concerned constituent of the teacher trainees, teacher educators, alumni and administrator.
9 Library Committee Meetings are conducted regularly to improve and enrich the library resources.
10 Extension and Linkage Committee Holds meetings periodically whenever any activity or program has to be organized and various resources(human and financial) are planned, discussed and allocated.
11 Discipline Committee Maintains discipline during day to day activities, morning assembly and in various functions organized by the college.
12 Morning Assembly Committee On every Wednesday this committee organizes morning assembly in the M.P hall of the college where students recite prayers, besides this latest news, some beautiful thoughts and talks on various societal and latest issues are also delivered to uplift the knowledge of the teacher trainees.
14 Research Cell Encourages Research activities and publishes Research Journal with ISSN 2350-0492.
15 Review Committee Analyses feedback and suggestions sought from stakeholders for improvement. Puts forward suggestions to Head & Management.
16 Placement Cell Provides information regarding the availability of jobs for the students through personal contacts, notice boards and college website. The cell functions actively throughout the year.
17 Guidance and Counseling Cell Organizes various Guidance and Counseling services like orientation programmes at the commencement of each academic session, pre-teaching practice guidance and counseling, career talks and day to day personal, educational and vocational guidance etc.
18 Grievance Redressal Committee Addresses and Settles the grievances of the students and faculty through sensible and satisfactory interactions and guidance.
19 Women Cell Arranges programs for women empowerment and educating women about their rights and privileges.

Bhutta college of education has a glorious history of over 15 years. In this short-span of time, the college has scaled new heights in academics, sports and cultural activities. Carefully nurtured by illustrious administrators, the college has carved a perfect niche for itself on the academic map of India and is a true Mecca for students from rural and urban areas. This college is known for excellent infrastructure in terms of buildings, state of the art labs for research and teaching. A crystal clear and transparent admission process attracts meritorious students to this college. A regular upgradation of the syllabi is the hallmark giving a sense of pride and satisfaction. The college is fortunate to have eminent professors & lecturers who have brought innovations to elevate the academic and research standards to the highest peaks in the educational scenario.