Procedure of admission to B.Ed. course:-

  • The admission to various Colleges of Education of the three Universities of Punjab will be done strictly as per the Punjab Page 14 of 24 Government Notification (Annexure I) and the N.C.T.E. norms and by the Admission Committee constituted by the Vice-Chancellor, Panjab University, Chandigarh.
  • The reservation of seats as given above shall be strictly adhered to. However, in case seats in a reserved category remain vacant, on account of non-availability of qualified candidates, such seats may be filled up from the general category candidates.
  • The admission of total number of seats in the colleges of education for candidates belonging to different subjects will be done as per the norms laid down by the N.C.T.E as per clause 3.1 of the appendix no. i.e. 25 students per teacher for a school subject.
  • Online allotment of seats for the subjects offered by various colleges would be allotted by the Panjab University. Allocation of seat during online allotment does not mean confirmation of admission. The admission of the candidates will be confirmed only after verification of documents and following due procedures laid down by respective colleges.
  • After completion of counseling, the admission committee will take decision about filling of unfilled seats. The method proposed would be in the light of the decisions taken by Punjab & Haryana High Court regarding CWP No. 19518 dated 14/12/2009. The Admission Committee would fill all the seats subject to the availability of eligible candidates.
  • The candidates are advised to follow the procedure laid down for online registration and application form submission. o Incomplete forms will not be given any chance for completion after the last date mentioned on the website link “Important Dates”.

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Bhutta college of education has a glorious history of over 15 years. In this short-span of time, the college has scaled new heights in academics, sports and cultural activities. Carefully nurtured by illustrious administrators, the college has carved a perfect niche for itself on the academic map of India and is a true Mecca for students from rural and urban areas. This college is known for excellent infrastructure in terms of buildings, state of the art labs for research and teaching. A crystal clear and transparent admission process attracts meritorious students to this college. A regular upgradation of the syllabi is the hallmark giving a sense of pride and satisfaction. The college is fortunate to have eminent professors & lecturers who have brought innovations to elevate the academic and research standards to the highest peaks in the educational scenario.